How come neckband headphones are all the rage now?

Vibton neckband headphone

You've probably observed something fascinating about your world in the last several years. Ever more people are seen walking around with what can only be characterized as high-tech collars, complete with headphones protruding from the sides.

You can refer to this unusual modern design of in-ear and around-the-neck earphones by any number of names, including "neckband headphones," "behind-the-neck headphones," "Bluetooth neckband," and the more obvious "collar headphones." Furthermore, you may be perplexed about the excitement surrounding them if you haven't tried them yourself.

Running wearing neckband headphone

Compared to other in-ear headphone designs, the success of neckband headphones can be boiled down to three main factors: convenience, features, and battery life. When You Want Them, And When You Need Them, Your Headphones Will Be Conveniently Located. 

You may listen to music or take a call without fumbling through your luggage or pockets because the earbuds are always within easy reach around your neck. The two tiny cords connecting the collar to the earphones are the only cables you need to worry about, as practically all neckband headphones connect to your smartphone or personal music player through Bluetooth.

This means there will be no more tangled-up rats' nests to sort through. Earphones will not be yanked out being caught on a doorknob if the cord doesn't stretch from your head to your pocket. Worse, you could accidentally damage the wiring and ruin your expensive audio equipment.

Those Bluetooth neck buds have a lot of hidden features. While in-ear headphones have gained popularity due to their portability and ease of use, some consumers may be torn between their small size and the many extra capabilities available on many popular versions today. After all, cramming more and more electronics into one of those tiny enclosures makes the whole thing bigger, heavier, and less convenient to use. That completely undermines the intended effect.

Since the headphones' circuitry is hidden in the neckband, you can enjoy their enhanced functionality without experiencing any discomfort. Among these characteristics are active noise canceling, long-lasting battery, improved user experience, 

While active noise cancellation is a feature we can all appreciate, there is a solid reason why it is typically only found in large, over-the-ear headphones. To effectively silence the noise, high-tech electronics are needed, and they need a home. Because of this, active noise-canceling earbuds typically protrude significantly from the ear canal or come with a bulky in-line control box. The in-ear pieces can remain small and lightweight while the electronics are moved to the headphones' neckband without compromising the headphones' noise-canceling performance.

wearing earbuds while running

Improved user interface: Headphones with built-in controls have been available since cell phones became commonplace. But have you ever listened to music and then realized you couldn't remember what each button on your headphones did? Fortunately, that is rarely an issue when using headphones with a neckband. The controls are worn around the neck and are therefore convenient for pausing the music, skipping ahead, and answering phone calls.

Improvements to the Phone System: If you use Bluetooth wireless connections frequently, you've probably had this happen at least once: you stop listening to your music or podcasts but forget to unpair or switch off your headphones. You are out when a crucial phone call comes in. The days of missing calls can finally be over with neckband headphones like the Flex K1. To let you know when your phone calls, even if the headphones aren't in your ears, the lightweight, water-resistant wireless neckband headphones will give you a gentle buzz when the feature is activated.

With a larger battery, you can listen to music or make phone calls for long periods before recharging. These additional functions do, however, reduce battery life. As every second without charging is valuable when using wireless headphones, the primary advantage of neckband headphones is the larger battery that can be housed in the extra space around the neck.

Neckband headphones, such as the Flex K1, can provide up to 12 hours of continuous music listening between charges and as much as 220 hours of standby time.

In comparison, other wireless in-ears do well to offer five hours of playtime between charges.

There is one last consideration when using neckband headphones. There is no other pair of headphones that even comes close to looking like these. Whether you're a fan of the aesthetic or find it strange, you have to admit they're striking. They promote the ideas that "I'm active" and "I'm on the go."

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  • These are so cute! I honestly prefer them to earbuds. But, more than just looks, they’re great for working out because I don’t need to worry about them getting in the way.

    BritD on
  • Hi, I never considered around the neck earphones until this article. I like that they won’t fall out and that I don’t have to dig through my purse for wireless earbuds which somehow float straight to the bottom.

    Kathleen Wallace on

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