Warranty 365


For all of its products, Vibton offers a manufacturer's one-year limited guarantee against defects (and/or as mandated by relevant legislation). Vibton will, in its sole discretion, either repair, replace, or offer a Warranty Credit for the Product to be used on the Vibton online store if a Product purchased from the Vibton website at the time of purchase contained a manufacturing defect or had been harmed by improper care before the time of purchase. In no circumstance may the amount of the Warranty Credit exceed Vibton's manufacturer recommended retail price ("MSRP"), which shall be equivalent to the purchase price of the Product.

Refer to their warranty procedures if you bought your Vibton product from a licensed store.

In order to ascertain if the alleged defect is covered by the warranty, Vibton retains the right to inspect any Product the subject of a warranty claim.

Any Vibton Product offered in the Vibton online store may be purchased with any Warranty Credits. Be aware that Vibton often changes the models, color schemes, and fashions of its products, so it is impossible to predict if an exact replacement will be available for any given product. Products no longer manufactured will be exchanged for a voucher valid for 365 days of the original purchase date.

Under this limited warranty, Vibton DOES NOT ASSUME ANY LIABILITY FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR INDIRECT DAMAGES. You might not be covered by the aforementioned limitation or exclusion because certain U.S. states and some nations do not provide the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages.

Please be aware that Vibton's guarantee is not offered for items bought from unlicensed vendors since Vibton cannot monitor or regulate the quality of such products as they are sold by unauthorized dealers. 

The Vibton website https://vibton.com must be used to handle all warranty requests. Vibton will decide whether to honor your warranty claim at its exclusive discretion and if the necessary steps are not taken, your warranty claim might be nullified. Please get in touch with our customer service department here to submit a warranty claim.



Any products lost in transit are not our responsibility. For this reason, while mailing your goods, we strongly advise obtaining a tracking number or delivery confirmation.

For each Product being returned, a warranty claim must be made (proof of purchase may be required.) 

Before returning your merchandise, please contact our customer support staff here.


Vibton has all discretion over your warranty, and if the necessary steps are not taken, your warranty claim may be invalidated.

Please allow 10 business days from the moment we receive your product for the processing of your warranty claim.