Couple on podcast with headphones on

Why to use headphones when podcasting?

Why is it essential to use headphones when recording a podcast? In addition to the apparent requirement for a microphone and something to record into, the one piece of equipment in your podcasting arsenal that you cannot go without is a set of headphones. And this is true of every individual whose lovely voices will be heard on your broadcast. Suppose you interview a guest using Skype, Zoom, Zencastr, or Squadcast. In that case, you will need to wear headphones or a headset with a microphone. Without them, neither of you will be able to hear the other. On the...

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Girl on zoom call without USB headset

Why shouldn't you use your laptop's mic for zoom meetings?

Since so many people now work from home, Zoom meetings, Skype calls, and Google Hangouts have quickly become the main ways people talk to each other. It's crucial to sound your best on conference calls because bad audio quality slows down work and makes you look unprofessional.Even though they are convenient, built-in microphones on laptops are the worst choice for conference calls. In this blog post, we'll go over why you shouldn't use your PC or laptop mic for Zoom meetings or Skype calls, as well as the best equipment advice for conference calls to sound professional. WHY USING A...

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head phone

Could wireless head phone sound better than wired ones?

They can, yes. This could be the shortest article since the answer can generally be from one word: yes or no! But you could argue. Therefore, we will disassemble. Along the way, we will talk about the apparent advantages of wireless headphones, but we will also mention the disadvantages. Do wired headphones sound better than wireless ones!? Of course, this argument is correct when comparing models comparable in level and price, but there are nuances. If we talk about custom headphones, then the difference may be in favor of wireless solutions. Or devices can be comparable in their capabilities, with wired...

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Budget wireless earbuds for running

The Pros And Cons Of Wireless Earbuds and why you should look into getting them.

With all the technological advancements, we are losing the old ways of listening to music. Wireless Earbuds are a fantastic alternative to wires; although they are costly, they sound better in most cases. For example, good earbuds can give you much better sound than generic earphones. At the same time, they can broaden your listening experience since you aren't just focusing on the music played and the overall environment in which it's being played. Wireless earbuds have been a big hit in the market. Millions of people use them to listen to music or watch movies on the go, and they are...

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